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Mar 18, 2014
How to Make Users Click on Your Web Banner Ads?

Web Banner Advertising has had some stiff competition from the PPCs (Pay-Per-Click) recently. However, they are still pretty much in the frame, if done intelligently. Let us have a look at the latest techniques employed by leading Web Banner Advertising Agencies in order to increase the click rates of the Banners. The techniques primarily focus on enticing the users with practical solutions or stress on the prevalent threats that need to be tackled with the products and services that the Banner advertises.


Gone are the days of the Banners that claim something in the line of 99.9% efficiency. Users have realized that most of the times, they are marketing gimmicks. The modern day users look for practical solutions that are achievable. Change the presentation of your Web Banner into a straightforward message in order to succeed with the present lot of internet users. Too much flashiness hampers the believability of the ad and creates barriers between the Banner and the user’s click. A Banner Ad that focuses on providing simple but effective solutions does a much better job of enticing users that are more likely to convert.


Recently, the internet has been witness to a spate of Banners that work up fear for situations that may arise in the absence of the product or service. Though such Banners have been overused, they can still be used in a tapered down form. As long as the copy of the Banner does not attempt to sensationalize and presents the threat in the real scale, this technique works just fine. Users would actually be thankful to the Banner for saving them from unwanted situations.


The world of Internet Marketing sees newer techniques by the hour. The vastness of the opportunities is one of the key features of the medium. However, even in the face of new techniques, a few traditional forms like Web Banner Ads, with a few tweaks here and a few tweaks there, still remain effective.

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Feb 28, 2014
What is Google Bowling in Internet Advertising and How to Safeguard Your Website Against It?

Google Bowling has erupted as a major concern in Internet Advertising in the recent times. It takes advantage of a situation which seems to be a loophole in the way Google penalizes sites that engage in Unnatural Link Building. Two of the ways in which Google determines that a link is unnatural are by analyzing the number of Backlinks that crop up and their relevancy. Engaging in Link Buying and Link Selling is also considered risky activity nowadays.


So, where is the loophole? The answer lies in analyzing what happens if your competitor places Backlinks to your site in the above manners categorized as risky? Google’s algorithms will then calculate that you have engaged in Link Spamming and levy penalties on your website by lowering its rank. Your competitor has then engaged in Google Bowling. It is not just a probability but a tactic which is successfully employed by many. Since most website owners are not aware of the term, they become easy prey. Google Bowling is also a headache for the SEO professionals as Search Engines aren’t readily revealing about the reasons when a website’s ranking goes down.


So, what is the way to safeguard your website against the threat of Google Bowling? Removing the links or requesting their removal is not exactly viable as you would be actually competing against a bot. The Top Internet Advertising Agencies prescribe another unique way of tackling this issue. They opine that instead of concentrating on removing the bad Backlinks, one should concentrate on increasing the meaningful and good Links. If your site has enough number of relevant links, then the ones that have malicious intentions will not be able to create an impression that you are Link Spamming. For example, a well known site or the site of a well known business won’t suffer just because there are few irrelevant Backlinks leading to it. Thus, concentrating on increasing the reputation of the website instead of engaging in a rat race with the Black Hats is a much better approach to safeguard against Google Bowling.

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Feb 12, 2014
3 Popular Ways of Unethical Online Advertising

Unethical Online Advertising uses the ways that are against the rules and guidelines of advertising on the internet. Though cases of blatant violations hardly exist anymore as the repercussions are fast and defining, Unethical Online Advertising still thrives on the lapses that prevail. For example, yes, if links are caught being dumped at every other site, you are in for trouble, but if they are created in a manner that can escape the scrutiny of the search engines, it might get the job done without any objections. However, this doesn’t change the fact that Link Spamming is essentially an unethical practice. 3 of the popular ways by which the Black Hats advertise their sites are listed below.


Link Spamming


Link Spamming never seems to go out of fashion. “Don’t have enough content? Build links to the intended web pages, wherever you can” seems to be the battle cry of desperate SEOs. Although the use of unnatural means (bots, programs, etc.) have largely vanished as they are easily caught in the nets laid by the search engines, manual spamming still happens on a large scale. The trick employed is to build links in numbers just below the ones which would set the alarms off. This is a highly risky behavior and should be avoided. With the complacency, of those building links unnaturally, having been recently and famously crushed, manual Link Spamming is also a disaster waiting to happen. Focus on the appropriateness of the link and not its numbers.


Google Bowling


Google Bowling has recently become very popular. So Black Hats saw Google punishing sites with unnatural links. What strategy do they go ahead and build? Build unnatural links for your competitors! Then you just have to wait for Google to do its job. One of the immediate risks that are being taken is that if Google does not detect the spammed links, you might just push your competitor far ahead of you.


Guest Blogging Spam


Guest Blog and Article Posting is a wonderful way of advertising your site and increasing web presence. But the perpetuators of the unethical means, suffering from a need to overdo everything, calculated that more blogs lead to higher rankings, thereby giving birth to the term, Guest Blogging Spam. Most posting sites, apprehending backlashes (and correctly so!), increased the strictness of reviewing the postings.


The Dangers of Unethical Online Advertising are many and with intensities that can destroy the reputation of the website forever. It is not only smart but absolutely necessary to stick to the ways of Online Advertising Agencies with “haloed heads”.

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Feb 6, 2014
Focusing on Localization is the Key for Mobile Advertising Agencies India

Mobile Advertising Agencies in India are rubbing their hands with glee as they are look at the astonishing growth of the internet subscribers in India. A statement released by TRAI in their latest performance indicator report said, "Total number of Internet subscribers including internet access by mobile device subscribers increased from 164.81 million at the end of March'13 to 198.39 million at the end of June'13, registering a quarterly growth of 20.37%". This rise opens up tremendous opportunities for Mobile Advertising Agencies India. Now, that they have a link to their target groups via mobile internet, strategies require a few changes, the most prominent of which is Localized Mobile Advertising.


Let us begin with an explanation of what is Localized Mobile Advertising. In simple terms, when a Mobile Ad of a retail outlet is displayed to the users who are near it at that moment, it is called Localized Mobile Advertising. Mobile Advertising Agencies in India should understand that, in India, the retail outlets still enjoy an established supremacy over the online outlets. It is for this retail sector that the growing target group of mobile internet users brings in next level of opportunities. It makes far better sense to attract the nearest consumer than to blink ads at someone who may very well have no plans to be near the outlet in the near future. Apart from bringing in the small businesses into the gambit, Localized Mobile Advertising also takes care of the growing blindness among users for the ads. Suppose you are walking by a clothing line retail outlet. Beep pops an ad on your mobile announcing the cool new ranges and discounts that the store has. That would not only grab your attention but be helpful to both you and the brand.


Keeping the discussion on the idea of monitoring of a user for another day, this technology, which makes use of global positioning systems and the internet services of the mobile network service provider, will play a major role in Mobile Advertising India (It has already done so in the developed countries). Preparing for this wave of change to hit Mobile Advertising India is the smartest thing that Mobile Advertising Agencies India can do. 

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Nov 30, 2013
Combine Banner Advertising and PPC for Optimized Results

Some in the industry of Internet Advertising believe that if one invests in PPC, there is no requirement for Banner Advertisements. However, apart from the fact that Banner Ads are still important as a low cost method of targeting a wide viewership, they can also be used to boost the PPCs. It has been found that many users search for a product or service after seeing a Web Banner for the same. In such cases, the traffic for the PPC is created by the Banner Ad.


It is ideal for a new launch to initiate the online promotions through the Banners first. Unlike the PPCs, Banners reach a large number of users. Since they prove lower in cost than the PPCs, it is a good way to introduce the product or service. Once the desired levels of visibility have been attained, investments in PPC can be made. Many Internet Advertising Agencies, offering Banner Advertising Services, also recommend running both of them at the same time. The Web Banners would then attract traffic from other relevant sites and the PPCs would come into play once the user has shifted into the buying mode.

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Nov 21, 2013
Mobile Advertising Changing the Face of Advertising

The mobile revolution has gripped the entire world by frenzy. The time spent by the present generation with their mobile phones was inconceivable a few years back. Modern Advertising plunged into this revolution and emerged in the face of Mobile Advertising. Mobile Advertising Agencies are one of the busiest lots, having to deal with constant and fast changes prompted by the advances in technology.


The first step which caused a consequential increase in the scope of Mobile Advertising is the increase in the speed of mobile internet services. Mobile Advertising that was once limited to sms and voice campaigns, soon spread to the forms of Mobile Banner Ads, ushering in tremendous opportunities and possibilities for Mobile Advertising. Mobiles being personal devices, they facilitate incredible levels of interaction. And as the golden rules of ads have been written on interactivity, Mobile Ads were automatically placed to have a much higher impact. The two most influential events which occurred for Mobile Advertising were the start of GPS services and the popularity of mobile apps. With GPS technology being enabled in mobiles, the exact location of the user could be determined. Mobile Ads based on the immediate surroundings of the user were targeted at the user. A Mobile Advertisement of a restaurant sent to a user has a much higher impact when he is near it. Non-interfering Mobile Ads were placed in the mobile apps and they often ranked very high on relevancy.


In the face of the increasing shift of the internet users to mobiles, associating one’s business with a good Mobile Advertising Agency is a good idea. No other advertising medium had been so much dependent on technology as much as Mobile Advertising. Thus, fast changes in the associated technologies necessitate fast changes in the Mobile Advertising Methods.

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Sep 4, 2013
How to do effective Online Advertising?

Want to do online advertising? But confused amongst number of options? So, the best means to tackle this is to take guidance of experts who have already done various online campaigns for their brand. The few tips to consider while doing effective internet advertising are as below:

  1. Objective of the Campaign: The very first thing one must notice is the objective of the campaign. It should be clearly defined to achieve the desired results in given time frame. If the objective is clear, the advertiser can move in the right direction with special focus.
  2. Target for the Campaign: It is very important to clearly target the right audience if one wants to increase the ROI. Brand promotion or sale of the product is an important criterion for every brand owner. So the advertiser must hit the right audience with his product, brand or service.
  3. Geography for the Campaign: Even though it is an online advertising where geographic boundaries are not a constraint, it is still advisable to choose the right geographic location as per the need/market of the product, brand or service.

There are number of options available for internet advertising from which one can get the quick results and promote their brands.

  1. Banner advertising and PPC ads are two common methods of promotion used by online advertisers. There are number of banner types, sizes available to suit the different positions/inventory of the websites. It gives the full control to the brand owner to monitor his online campaigns minutely and optimize them as and when required.
  2. On the other hand, if the advertisers are targeting for long term impact amongst their target groups and not craving for faster results, they can choose search engine marketing. In search engine marketing, one has to write many contextual articles and blogs about his product, brand, service or business and get them published on sites from where a good traffic can be generated to the advertiser’s website. Search media optimization is yet another popular trend of online advertising.
  3. Social networking - another popular and trendy media! These days brands are getting prevalent on various social networking sites. Therefore, it has become easier for the consumers to connect with their favourite brands. Also with an upsurge in use of internet especially for social networking purposes, it is a smart move by online advertisers to opt for social networking sites for their brand promotion. Liking the updates of their favourite brands, sharing interesting information about the same etc. are becoming popular means among customers these days.

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Mar 28, 2013
Two Easy Means of Modern Brand Advertising!

Amongst the various means of brand promotion, mobile advertising and online advertising media have been considered as the fastest means of reaching out to customers in a customized manner. In the following paragraphs, a few advantages of advertising through mobile and internet media are provided. Take a look.

Benefits of promoting a brand through Mobile & Online Advertising

Measurable objectives

For any brand or business promotion campaign launched through online or mobile media, the advertiser can measure the overall objectives and also track the results or impact of the campaign amongst target customers. At any point of time when the advertiser or brand owner wants to stop the ongoing campaign, he can easily do so. This complete controllability on the campaign and the measurable objectives of the brand’s promotion requirement are two reasons why mobile and internet advertising media are fast growing as two contemporary means of advertising.

Easy channels to build and win customers’ trust

Internet and Mobile Phones are used by almost everyone in today’s world. Therefore, these two channels are the easiest means to build and win customers’ trust on a particular brand. One can also instantly plan the promotion campaign of a brand and make it available to customers within minutes.

Complete control on the brand message from customers’ side

Accessing a particular website or going through a brand message through a mobile phone is the personal choice and action of any individual. They do not feel pestered by unwanted brand messages that are accessible through the various websites or mobile phone devices. If they don’t find the brand message relevant, they have their own choice to delete or avoid the message. No one exerts any force on customers to read or follow the brand message. Whatever reaction that they provide to the brand message is solely theirs’. It is also for this very reason that brand owners and advertisers rely on mobile and online advertising media for various promotion campaigns.

For More Information Visit: http://mobileandinternetadvertising.com/

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Dec 7, 2012
Things you should know about online advertising!

Advertising on net is becoming quite a trend among modern advertisers. Most of the brands are these days going digital. Perhaps, it has been rightly predicted that online media will be the future medium of communication. Over the last few years, Online Advertising is in huge demand among the brand advertisers in the market.  This blog provides a few things you should know about online advertising. Keep reading.

Online Advertising is cost-effective

If you think that it is expensive to launch an internet advertising campaign for your brand, you would be surprised to find out that online ads are not at all expensive. There are even free of cost advertising options for small advertisers.  It depends upon the type of promotion campaign you want to launch for your brand according to which you can choose the right form of internet advertising.  Banner advertising, PPC ads, Viral marketing, Email marketing, Wap advertising, Social networking ads, Pop ups etc. are some forms of internet advertising adopted by advertisers and brand owners.

Online Advertising targets a global audience

One of the major advantages of online advertising is that even local brands get an international platform through online media. An online advertising campaign targets a global audience. Any visitor on the site from anywhere across the world can access the brand message through online media. It is for this very reason why many brand and business owners across the world prefer internet advertising media as compared to other means of advertising. 

Immediate publishing of information and content

An internet advertising campaign is one of the easiest means to immediately publish information and content about a particular brand or business. No other advertising medium provides such facilities. The brand message goes live within minutes. Those brand owners who want to promote their products on immediate basis can opt for online advertising media.


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Dec 4, 2012
On advertising through social networking sites!

Earlier, a trend was observed among individuals of exchanging cell numbers to one another. Today, that particular trend is gradually dimming. People these days are more interested to keep in touch on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, MySpace etc. ‘Are you on Facebook?’ is one of the most asked questions among friends and acquaintances these days. In fact, four out of five individuals keep in touch with friends through social networking days these days. Advertisers and brand owners have also made the most out of these social networking sites by making them as platforms to interact with their potential target customers.  Thus, online advertising has a new flavour to offer i.e. promoting brands or businesses through social networking sites.

It has been noted that any type of Internet Advertising through social networking sites provides the much needed proximity to target customers.  Social networking ads also increase the frequency of social contact among brand owners and customers and thus encouraging the latter to get familiarize with the features of the brand. Social networking also creates structured communities where brand owners can encourage target customers to indulge in many discussions or share a casual joke or post. However, in all these, the discrepancy of customers is strictly maintained. They still have complete control on accepting or denying the brand message as they do on every online advertising campaign. None of the brands of any social networking site forces customers to read the message or compels to adopt it at any cost.

Maintaining a social networking account needs experience and expertise. Most of the business firms have social media optimizers who handle the accounts of their organizations.  Through these professionals, brand owners can also conduct a survey on other competing brands.  Social networking is also about mixing work and fun. One can make new business clients or attract customers on the various social networking sites. If your brand does not have a presence on social media, you are missing something.

For More information  visit--http://www.mobileandinternetadvertising.com

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